Photographer work

Credits: johnaronphotography

It would be absurd to deny that the work mainly related to the arts (music, painting or literature, for instance) are not precisely in its most lucid moment.Therefore, the work of photographer will also be affected, being in most cases very difficult to find a place that really serve as economic support to live.

The reasons for this labor shortage may be multiple. For example, DSLR cameras and high quality were previously only available to a limited number of photographers, those who could afford the high cost of these devices. Today, photography has democratized , being accessible to most people who previously could not afford these gadgets.

As the aforementioned reasons have caused the photographer working time is becoming less exclusive, and consequently also less valued .

However, for many of the jobs that we propose it is not enough to have only knowledge of boston headshot photographer. Although taking snapshots or movies can be very important skills in certain positions also must demonstrate expertise of other branches. Here are some of them.


Credits: Moshe Zusman

Credits: Moshe Zusman

Perhaps the option of being independent may be the option with more outputs, or at least the most profitable for the professional. Assemble your own business and has undertaken certain risks, but can also be the right choice for us with a name in the sector.

The problem is that it requires some initial investment , and build a reputation that initially not usually won. They must fight against those competitors who are already seated properly in the market, which is often not always easy. Therefore, having a distinguishing factor on the rest will be a key quality.

Photographer hired by a brand

Credits: David

Credits: David

This case is usually more complicated, usually the big brands usually work withfreelance photographers of great renown . However, some firms do exist that, for most routine campaigns, or services like take pictures constantly updating their products, may require the skills of a photographer hired on staff.

And we must also remember that there are large establishments with aphotography section , usually made ​​up of people with knowledge of the sector.Of course, in many cases skills are more seller than skilled.


There are many photographers who now use the network as a spokesman for his works . Blogs have become not only a tool to display a large number of snapshots without having a showroom, but also a simple way to convey different skills.

They can use different techniques to engage readers, offer tutorials for those starting out in the world of images, news for those who want to be informed of the latest news, or simply as an art gallery.


Adobe Photoshop anniversary

Many freelance photographers also require the figure of one retoucher . After a session, the person making snapshots is not always the same as then edit them.It is a professional Photoshop responsible for carrying out the most difficult work with the program.

Perhaps the most retouchers are also freelancers hired on casual, but there are cases where this expert editing work specifically for a photographer, especially if your job ends contenting customers.


Credits: elcineenlasombra

Credits: elcineenlasombra

Although mainstream media have increasingly less specialized photographers in their workforce, many journalists currently combine in one figure the work of editor and professional image. The requirements are a “journalist SUV” , able to document an act both with words and with pictures or videos.

Likewise, usually also they require the services of news agencies, which usually hire freelance photographers who are in conflict areas, or directly buy these images.


Eli Lucero / Herald Journal

Eli Lucero / Herald Journal

Undoubtedly, it is one of the options business more stable , but also more difficult to obtain. Currently, at least in Spain, the places offered to be a teacher are very slim, so it should get a fairly high note of opposition.

However, gain a professorship can be a dream for many professionals, especially for those who wish to pass on their knowledge and guiding those who start in the world of image.

Book writer

Also, there are some professionals, as in the previous point, wish to reflect their knowledge of other people, but in this case using a more traditional means .

But usually it is not something you can live, if it can be something complementary to other work. An example of this are the books of “high quality photograph” of José María Mellado .

Director of photography

Emmanuel-Lubezki, Naomi-watt-and-andrea-Riseborough-in-birdman-

Finally, we must not forget the work of photographers in relation to cinema .Getting to the point of being a cinematographer as Emmanuel Lubezki can seem utopian. But I think the first step may be to collaborate with small production , making our job and to dial gleams distinction on which already frequents the net.

We will not fool anyone, photographer work is only a difficult task, but you can try to use that knowledge applied to a large number of branches available.