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Accounting and Finance: How to be a good accountant?

Accounting and Finance: How to be a good accountant |? Blog - UTEL

Among the functional areas of an organization it is common to find the department Accounting and Finance , as it is crucial for optimal performance and business development.

financial focus

Finding the right person, able to bring in order the books of the company, and at the same time act as advisor on business is a task that requires experience and patience.

Accounting and finance currently listed as one of the professions most in demand in the labor market, since any company, regardless of their line of business, you need the services that only a bookkeeper from bookkeeper brisbane can provide.


5 tips for all specialized counter in finance:

We share some tips to guarantee you optimum professional development:

  1. Be multidisciplinary : he know from other areas, such as sales, marketing or administration allows you to have a bigger picture in accounting and tax issues.
  1. Find : stay tuned on new changes in tax laws.
  1. Take advantage of the electronic media to your advantage to simplify tasks such as specialized tax software.
  1. Please obtain the CPA certification in recognition of your professional capacity. And continue getting ready, as only 1.5% of the professionals in this field have a graduate .
  1. Remember that achieve the desired performance in a business, both domestic and foreign, it is one of the main objectives of the whole counter.

Examples of success in Accounting and Finance

Mary-Asuncion Aramburuzabala-accounting-and-financeMaria Asuncion Aramburuzabala

He is considered one of the most influential women in Mexico, and a test is that it was the first woman to occupy a place on the Board of Directors of the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Heads Tresalia Capital emporium through which they invest to other companies, creating private equity funds, helping its consolidation. On the other hand, it is part of several Boards of Directors as belonging to Grupo Modelo, Grupo Televisa, Aeromexico, among others.


Miguel-Angel-Davila-accounting-and-financeMiguel Angel Davila

Researcher at the Bank of Mexico, besides being founding partner of Cinemex. When withdrawing a Harvard graduate had the entrepreneurial idea that implemented along with three other colleagues from the same institution.

This year Cinemex has more than 360 screens, controls 50% of aid to cinemas in Mexico City, has over 2,000 employees and a turnover of over 150 million dollars a year.


ricardo-salt-statement-accounting-and-financeRicardo Salinas Pliego

He was appointed as CEO of Grupo Elektra, following the retirement of his father, and thoroughly restructured the operations of the company to avoid bankruptcy.

He is founder and President of Grupo Salinas that includes different companies such as Banco Azteca, Seguros Azteca and Afore Azteca. It also maintains the Azteca television that in 2011 its new image and in that same year, boosted Totalplay a fixed telephone service, cellular, Internet and television via fiber optics.


carlos-kasuga-accounting-and-financeCarlos Kasuga

1 of the 15 most important businessmen in Mexico, owner of Yakult with sales of more than 250,000 cups a day. He is also founder of the Mexican Liceo Japanese , Japanese school internationally.

One of its key phrases is: “There are 4 steps to becoming an employer of excellence. The well being, well done, good room and nice to have”


The success stories that we present, people are graduates of the Bachelor of Accounting, most of them with honors, so you can create your own path and expand your professional horizons with a specialization in Finance, with greater business insight to offer in any organization.

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