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Career opportunities for pregnant women

If no job and want to get one during the period of gestation should know that many companies offer part-time jobs. Are very popular school assistant positions, especially for pregnant jobsrelated to kindergartens and schools, the care of children.

Another class of jobs that facilitate the inclusion of pregnant women are those related to an office, since they are usually physically comfortable: you can sit at all times, the bathroom is near, you have easy access to water, heating and air conditioning. The article work for pregnantpregnancy blog week by week shows that there are a multitude of ways to remain an active working person, especially if you have to rest at home.

The part-time jobs are also very popular. Many companies have based on a reduction in working hours for the mother agreements. Cases where the pregnant worker is entitled to decide to make the turn are also given. The website Ob NYC offers advice on all elements that influence the life of a pregnant woman, including physical activity, jobs that may or may not do in the labor market, as well as tips for well physically and mentally.

Work from home

This is one of the alternatives most appreciated by moms who do not want to stop being active.Variants of tasks to perform at home are quite spacious, but always depend on the skills of the mother.

 If you have computer skills : You can continue programming home pages you did at work.There are also computer work such as graphic design and multimedia, social media, online marketing or specialist SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we usually know as the positioning of websites.

 Private lessons : If you have enough knowledge to teach a group of students interested in a subject, you can start tutoring. The subjects will depend on the students and the knowledge of the teacher, art, history, drawing, economics, mathematics, computer science, language arts, etc.

 Craft : if you have amazing skills in creating handmade products that people sue, you can create your own handicraft factory at home. Some manufactures candles, who sews clothes for dogs or who paints pictures. The possibilities are endless.

Sell what you no longer want : If you are one of those people who has accumulated a lot of things at home and think you will no longer need them, you can always take advantage of these months to start your online vetoes from pages segundamano, mecadolibre or ebay.

 Content Writing : If you defend writing and you have minimal computer skills can collaborate on writing articles on websites and blogs. Magazines, forums, blogs and online magazines are increasingly fashionable and gain adherents worldwide. Well you generate your own blogs or you work in a company, you can always write the texts from home, with all the advantages this entails.


There are also foundations and related partnerships stalls for pregnant women employmentand job training for those who are severely disadvantaged. Training in specific sectors as well as career guidance and social intermediation are some of the services that these organizations play.

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