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How to use Instagram to find work

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Your account on Instagram is not just the passport photo sharing, both with friends and with strangers. It can also become a useful tool when looking for a new job. The following tips by Instagress will guide you to use Instagram to find work .Remember that depend on your creativity, and dedication that you bestow your profile in this network, to be seen and followed by more people.

This visibility will enable those responsible for finding potential candidates for office to notice you.

  • Complete your personal and contact data
    the same way that a resume containing your personal details, your account must have your Instagram minimum data to be contacted. Edit your profile on Instagram and remember that if a prospective employer is interested to meet you again, the power should make it easy to contact you.
    do not expect to receive a comment on a picture or a personal message, as many employers do not have the time to do this. If you do not want to include your email or phone number, you should at least include a link to your web site or blog that if contains.
  • Put your best photos and delete the worst
    If your goal is to emphasize your creativity, your visual skills and your taste, take the time to review all the photos you’ve shared earlier in Instagram. If necessary, delete those photos that do not contribute to the professional image you want to promote each other.
  • Share and publish achievements that are not necessarily photographic
    Many who think of Instagram as a potential tool to find work assume that this network can be used profitably only for professionals working in the visual arts. Although they have an advantage, this does not have to be.
    If you work in the areas of marketing, you can share success stories which have worked and images of the projects that you are currently insert. If you are an architect, you post the images can be related to those buildings that inspire you or that you have helped to build. If you work in an ordinary office, you can share your ideas for improving the productivity of a workgroup or project types you would like to help develop. The aim is to share a solution and creative standpoint to typical problems that arise at work.
  • Review comments
    Depending on the popularity of your photos, they receive comments from other users of Instagram. Remember to review them regularly because many of them could contain spam or links to websites objectionable. Do this frequently, as this will help you maintain a clean profile.
    If you see comments from real users, spend some of your time to answer them. And if you are looking for work in social networks , whether driving communities or managing social profiles, this type of experience will help you gain experience.
  • Use hashtags
    to get your photos to be seen by more people, remember to use different hashtags .These do not have to be included in the description of your image. You can add them as comments once you’ve published, which will help you find the ones that best fit them.
    In the same way that others will find your photos using these hashtags to find other users who work in the same area when you do. You could learn from them, following their updates and even commenting on your photos.
  • Integrate your HootSuite account
    As with other popular networks, you can include and integrate your account with Instagram in the administration panel HootSuite . This will help you save time, checking in one place the pictures of the people you follow, you get comments on your own and everything that happens in those other social networks where you can play such asFacebook or Twitter . Because to find a new job involves a fair amount of time, optimize the time you spend promoting your professional profile is of utmost priority. Therefore, an application like HootSuite will help you save significant minutes when you connect to these social networks.
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